What are you struggling with?


Are you are people pleaser and say YES all the time?


What stories are you telling yourself and are they true?


Are you creating a pace that is not sustainable long term?


Instead of telling others how you feel, you just hold it in?

It's time to put yourself first, so you can create a life you desire!

Learning to CHOOSE YOURSELF is the foundation of my signature coaching program.

Choosing yourself does not mean you are selfish or mean. It is creating boundaries around your personal values and recognizing what you need in life to thrive.

My transformational coaching experience heals emotional wounds from childhood that are creating roadblocks in your adult life.

I came to a lot of realizations during our sessions which were eye opening. Figuring out different behaviors I had, that I didn’t realize I had. The want of a true connection back in my marriage.

Understanding that I was content, not truly happy. How my behaviors affected everyone around me. She helped sort out my feelings which I felt like I couldn’t feel or express them. I wasn't able to sort out my own emotions. I didn’t let myself feel.

Kelly helped me through a whole bunch of things that I never thought were issues holding me back in life.

If I couldn’t find the words she would word things differently so I could understand. Did things get uncomfortable? Yes, but Kelly will make it seem less uncomfortable with her genuine, honest self. Guiding you in the right direction to feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations.




My signature coaching program is built upon the empowering concept of embracing self-choice. By embarking on this transformative coaching experience, you will embark on a journey of healing the emotional wounds from your childhood that may be hindering your progress in adulthood.


Ignite your personal growth journey. Discover thought-provoking titles and connect with like-minded individuals. Explore self-improvement, mindfulness, resilience, and more. Dive into weekly discussions, practical exercises, and actionable tips. Embrace a lifelong commitment to learning and improvement. Sign up today and unlock your potential for a purposeful, fulfilling life. Dream, learn, and grow with us.


Escape the daily grind and find solace on our serene 230-acre farm. Immerse yourself in the beauty of fall, rejuvenate with Chakra Balancing Meditation, yoga, and Qigong. Indulge in healing foods, connect with animals, and experience Reiki, hand massages, and meditation walks. Unplug, journal, and cleanse your soul in nature. Join us for a revitalizing day on the farm with a friend or loved one.


Exercise greatly benefits mental health, notably improving mood and cognitive functions. It stimulates endorphin release, reducing stress and enhancing mood, while also lowering cortisol levels. Regular physical activity leads to better sleep, improved cognitive abilities like memory and focus, and boosts self-esteem and energy levels. Additionally, exercise acts as a healthy distraction from stress, promoting relaxation and aiding in the regulation of emotions by increasing neurotransmitters like serotonin, thereby alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety.


Unlock your true potential and experience the transformative benefits of Reiki. Discover the profound impact of this ancient practice as you embark on a journey of stress reduction, physical healing, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth. Each session is tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring a personalized and effective experience. Let the power of healing energy bring balance and rejuvenation to your life.


Experience the transformative power of pure essential oils as you escape the burden of synthetic chemicals and embrace nature's wonders. With their unique chemical makeup, these oils offer a multitude of benefits for your daily life. Discover the soothing relaxation, invigorating energy, muscle relief, digestive support, improved focus, and emotional well-being they bring.

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